Immediate placement and loading (All on 4)

Use of 'all on 4' treatment to create a new set of teeth in a single day

In some cases, it may be possible to fit an implant on the same day as the old tooth is removed and directly after the titanium rod is placed in the jaw bone. This is called immediate loading and may be suitable in a small number of cases.

Immediate Loading may be appropriate where a full arch of teeth is needed. This is where a special set of bespoke implants are used to support a complete arch of teeth. Here, we use two implants placed conventionally, complemented by two more slightly larger implants that are placed at special angles to form an extremely firm support for a fixed bridge. Using this technique it really is possible to provide a new set of fully functional replacement teeth in a single visit to the practice.

A further benefit of the immediate loading (‘all on 4’ process) is that it can be helpful for patients who would otherwise need a bone graft before implantology can take place. This is because the all on 4 implants can be placed at angles to access suitable anchor bone in different areas of the jaw.

Our experienced implant dentists will assess exactly which technique is suitable f or your needs.

Immediate placement and loading (All on four)

A summary of the benefits of ‘all on 4’ implants:

  • May provide a solution where bone loss prevents the placement of conventional implants or where bone grafting is unsuitable.
  • Provides a new set of functioning teeth in a single day!

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