Health and Safety – Our Priority

Cross infection control

The number one priority at Darren Bywater Dental Implant Centre is your safety. Nothing else comes above this. We understand your concerns with regard to cross infection control and have implemented the most rigorous systems to put your mind at ease. We follow all of the standards laid down by the British Dental Association Good Practice Scheme along with national guidelines for cross infection control.

To ensure that we continue to meet and exceed these standards, we invest in the best quality dental equipment and ongoing training for our staff.

Key elements of cross infection control at Darren Bywater Dental Care Derby

Cross infection control ensures that strict cleanliness is present at all times during dental treatment.

  • we use disposable materials wherever possible and where we cannot, we use the latest equipment to ensure that equipment is fully sterilised before re-use.
  • we have a state-of-the-art decontamination suite where we use specialised washers, disinfectors and vacuum autoclaves (heaters) to kill germs. Items such as dental mirrors, drills and hand instruments are first thoroughly washed before being autoclaved. The autoclave is the most thorough form of sterilisation where steam and high temperatures are used to ensure that equipment is thoroughly clean before re-use.
  • work surfaces and general areas are subject to routine deep cleaning and sterilisation using approved chemicals and cleaning agents designed to kill both viruses and bacteria
  • all staff use masks and gloves when undertaking any dental procedure - these are disposed of in special clinical waste receptacles after every use

Our Health and Safety Policy

Your safety and satisfaction is extremely important to us and under-pins our business ethos.

We implement:

  • full cross infection control using the latest equipment and procedures
  • screening for oral cancer during routine examinations
  • digital x-rays which have a lower radiation level when compared to traditional x-rays
  • dental imaging equipment and state-of-the-art software to help with your smile design
  • ongoing professional development for all dental and support staff. This is not just for clinical techniques but also for Health and Safety and exceptional Customer Service
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