Implant referral assessment

Assessing your patient for implant referral

You patient will be invited for a free initial consultation where we will determine their dental needs and wishes both through discussion and examination. We follow a fully consultative approach so we will keep them informed of all options through the consultation and treatment processes.

The consultation is entirely without obligation and typically consists of a thorough examination of the teeth, gums and oral structures in general. We will take X-rays, in house ct scan images and sometimes dental impressions to assist our evaluation.

First visits typically last up to 20 minutes which is usually sufficient for us to determine if your patient is suitable for implant treatment. We will advise about treatment options, advantages, disadvantages and associated costs. Where possible we will also show examples of previous cases which closely match your patient’s and which demonstrate the possibilities of the treatment.

If your patient is suitable and happy to continue with the assessment procedure, they will be booked in for full consultation which will carry our standard charge for consultation and laboratory fee.

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