Virus killer
Virus killer

Safety Protocols and Facilities

We would like to inform all of our patients and visitors to the practice that due to health care settings remaining a high-risk environment for the spread of COVID-19 and its variants, Public Health England has informed all dental practices we must continue the precautionary measures we have been adhering to so far. Our patients and staff’s health and safety are of upmost importance to us and we are carefully ensuring we keep everyone as safe as possible during these unprecedented times.

Face coverings – Face coverings are still mandatory in health-care settings, we would kindly like to ask you to continue the use of face coverings around our practice to protect one another as much as possible, unless you are exempt.

Social distancing - We have disregarded our floor stickers and outside waiting however; we would like to encourage you to be vigilant and understanding of those around you, as you have been up to now. Mindful social distancing is still in place in our waiting rooms and around the practice.

Online check in and COVID19 screening – we would like to encourage you to complete these remotely as much as possible to help us make your experience as easy and efficient as can be. When arriving at the practice please use our hand sanitiser and self-check in ipad. If you would prefer to continue to wait outside for your appointment, we ask you to please inform us of your arrival via telephone. Reception will no longer be checking in from outside the practice. 

Hand gel – we would like to ask all patients and visitors to the practice to continue to disinfect their hands an arrival and departure of the practice to help prevent the spread of any virus’.

Our upgrades in response to Covid-19

  1. Radic 8 Virus killer in all surgeries and waiting rooms. Radic 8 Virus Killer is leading the global air filter against airborne and droplet covid virus. Kill rate of coronavirus at 99.99999%. Combines a  pre filter, HEPA filter, activated carbon and the reactor cell of 8 super UVC lamps with 40 TiO2 hexagon filters makes it the ultimate solution for eradicating coronavirus and other agents. The Radic 8 Virus killers can filter 60 to 100 cubic sq meters of air in 4 to 6 minutes.
  2. Air Extraction System We have incorporated air extraction systems far in excess of 16 air exchanges per hour allowing our fallow time to be 10mins.
  3. Contactless patient journey: At Darren Bywater Dental Care we have invested in a contactless patient journey involving completing all your dental forms remotely at home, booking your own appointments on-line, self-check in, and contactless payment.
  4. Correct PPE to protect the patients and the staff. Complete surgery room disinfection between patients using vaporised disinfection technology.
  5. Disinfection stations throughout the practice.
  6. Practice protocols that reduces the number of patients within the practice at any one time.
  7. Reception splash guards to protect the patients and reception staff.     


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