Bone Grafting and Manipulation

There are times when a patient will attend for a dental implant consultation and presents with insufficient bone to support dental implants. Depending on the nature of the bone loss, simple in-house grafting would be required. Two distinct methods are employed at Darren Bywater Dental Implant Centre.

If the bone has lost some thickness, animal granulated bone can be simply placed into the void and allowed to heal in-between 4 to 7 months. The bone is covered by your own gum and you will use your temporary tooth (either a denture or sticky bridge) throughout the healing period.

If the bone is thin in width and height I would use human bone that is fixed into place and allowed to heal for 3 to 4 months.

In both cases the bone is irradiated and has no active biological constituents. Once either bone form is placed, your own bone wants to repair itself and eventually replaces the placed donor bone to that of your own but in a thicker nature. Leave the bone long enough to heal and you will have excellent resistant bone to place a dental implant.
Larger graft requirements, usually involving a hip graft day case referral, would be made to my consultant colleague at The Royal Derby Hospital

There are other techniques where the bone can be manipulated (widened) without grafting and implant placement made.

Bone Grafting
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